The Premium Class – Dr. Richard

Welcome on board of the premium class

The premium class for special trips. Whether for business or private, we offer a journey with the best in comfort and service.

Welcome on board the premium class!

The company Dr. Richard offers premium class bus travel for small groups and large companies. State of the art vehicles for individual groups, clubs, school classes or private organized desired goals. Motivated drivers with many years of professional experience are caring during the entire travel time for your safety and well-being. 

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Enjoy your day relaxed - no traveler has to  focus on the annoying traffic. In addition to the unique recreational factor our bus trips score with absolutely competitive price-performance ratios. We advise you optimally to find the best solution for you. Professionally planned, your bus trip will take place. The bus rental is definitely time and cost efficient and saves nerves. No annoying search for a parking space, no exhausting organization and no unexpected expenses. As soon as the bus starts, everything is taken care of: Extras on board are included, maximum comfort accompanies the travelers.