The Wieselbus – Dr. Richard


Safe and comfortable on the road with the modern Wieselbus.

Wieselbusse (Weasel busses)

We are available 24/7. You can reach our hotline at

01/33 100-245

for any requests you may have. Additionally, you can visit us at our customer service center in the Stromstraße 11, 1200 Wien. Monday – Thursday 7.00am to 5.00pm, Friday 7.00am to 2.00pm.
The following lines will take you there: U6, 31, 33 und 5B (stop: Jägerstraße) We are looking forward to meeting you in person.

Tel. 01/33 100-245
Fax 01/33 100-308


WLAN on Board

Our state-of-the-art Wiesel busses provide free W-LAN ( A1 Telekom) access on the lines A, B, C, D until further notice!

If you want to use your WLAN account, please activate your network assistant on your computer (smart phone, net book, etc) and search for available networks.

If you want to use the W-LAN please activate the wireless assistant on your device ( laptop, smart phone, tablet, I-pad, web book, etc.) to identify the wireless network connection. You should see “Wiesel_Rxxxx” on your display. The “xxxx” represent the bus number which can be seen on your right hand side when entering the bus (i.e. Wiesel_R7974 or Wiesel_R8373). Mark this network and confirm the connection to the network. When asked for the PSK (Pre – Shared Key) enter the code „79000“ to access the web.

Please note that Dr. Richard only provides the technical internet access! Dr. Richard cannot be held accountable for the content of visited websites, and will not take any responsibility for any damages of hard- or software that may occur whilst using the WLAN. Also, our drivers cannot help you with any technical problems you may have.

Please understand that the WLAN service will be disconnected for technical reasons as soon as the engines are turned off!

We wish you a lot of fun surfing the web and a pleasant journey on our Wiesel busses!

Download WLAN Information