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Reach more people with advertising on-the-go

Busses are seen by several people, many times a day. Whether it's through a car window, as a pedestrian or as a passenger getting on the bus - your ad will reach potential customers throughout your chosen region! And with our regional busses, you can reach all parts of the city, including affluent suburban areas.

Being seen is essential!

Compare for yourself: advertising on the back of a bus for one month costs as much as a two-column newspaper ad that will be glanced at once and thrown away. While print media lasts only for a moment, advertising specialists agree that for an ad to be remembered, it has to be seen at least seven times. This makes advertising on-the-go a great solution!


Rear window 80,00€

Price per month
Minimum dimensions*: 1800 x 400 mm
Foil, perforated

You can find contract terms and more information about prices here


Rear area 84,00€

Price per month
Minimum dimensions*: 1900 x 400 mm

You can find contract terms and more information about prices here


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