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Our bus fleet

Our bus fleet offers reliability and comfort across the board. From the agile minibus for day trips to the Premium Class coach, our flagship when it comes to service and equipment, we’ve got the right bus for you. State of the art, comfortable and safe.

What you can expect from us

Whether you want to go on a school trip or take a trip abroad, travel as a small or large group, we’ll get you there safely. With all the extras you could wish for, of course – from additional space for luggage to multimedia and catering.

The right bus size for any occasion

Rent a bus that’s perfect for your needs. Choose a size from three categories.


8-20 seats

Touring coach

30-84 seats

Premium Class coach

37 seats

1 20 Sitzer
2 0106 DrRichard 20190417
3 0109 DrRichard 20190417
4 0108 DrRichard 20190417
5 0110 DrRichard 20190417
6 0112 DrRichard 20190417
7 8 Sitzer
8 DSC06145
1 0134 DrRichard 20190417
2 Reisebus c Dr
3 Reisebus c Dr
4 0098 DrRichard 20190417
5 0025 DrRichard 20190417
6 0064 DrRichard 20190417
7 Reisebus c Dr
10 0153 DrRichard 20190417
11 0035 DrRichard 20190417
12 0097 DrRichard 20190417
13 0026 DrRichard 20190417
14 90065 DrRichard 20190417
15 0061 DrRichard 20190417
1 Premium Class c Dr
2 T3A2690
3 06 innenlounge0273
4 busaussen2608
5 Fahrgaeste Premium Class c Dr
6 Free Wifi c Dr
7 Premium Class c Dr
8 20180423 moritzscheer MG 8365 moritzscheer
9 20180423 moritzscheer MG 8275 moritzscheer
10 20180423 moritzscheer MG 8338 HDR moritzscheer
11 Fahrgaeste Premium Class c Dr
12 Fahrgaeste Premium Class c Dr
13 Premium Class c Dr

Dr. Richard’s standards


Adjustable sleeper seats and footrests


Generous seat spacing


Air conditioning and heating


Tour guide seat with microphone


Seat belts for all seats


Tinted windows


Radio/CD player

Climate friendly HVO-100 fuel

Most coaches also have:


Power sockets and Wi-Fi in Austria




HDMI connection




Folding tables


Night lighting


Onboard toilet


The fastest way to your destination

Secure the bus that best fits your needs

Impressions of Dr. Richard’s fleet

Get an impression of Dr. Richard’s bus fleet. Our buses are on the road across Austria as well as Europe!

1 Reisebus c Dr. Richard M. Scheer 9
8 Premium Class c Dr. Richard M. Scheer 6
5 Reisebus c Dr. Richard M. Scheer 44
7 Premium Class c Dr. Richard M. Scheer 2
6 Reisebus c Dr. Richard M. Scheer 4
3 Lenker Reisebus c Dr. Richard G. Scheinast 1 ohneLogoHemd
2 Reisebus c Dr. Richard M. Scheer 36
11 Models Reisebus c.Dr .Richard M.Scheer

Lots of room for your luggage

Every trip is different. That’s why we offer you lots of extras to create your trip according to your requirements.

  • Luggage trailer. There’s even room for bulky luggage.
  • Ski box for your winter ski trip.
  • Bicycle trailer. Travel comfortably to the most beautiful bike routes with us.
12 Models Reisebus cDr.Richard M.Scheer

Any other wishes?

For us, the journey is the destination. We’ll make sure that you can relax and enjoy your trip with us. We’re there for you when you get to your destination, too. You can book any of the following additional services:

  • Catering. We can provide food, drinks and packed lunches.
  • Guide. We can recommend the best tour guides for your round trip or destination.
  • Assistance. With us you’ll always keep track of your travel plans.
HVO100 Pressefotos 2023 c DrRichard Bernhard Luck 10 bis zu

Environmentally friendly travel

As a responsible Business, Dr. Richard follows a clear vision: to pursue climate friendly and sustainable Mobility.

  • Leading in sustainability. Travelling by coach is the must sustainable form of road transport.
  • Green Travel. Thanks to our use of the fuel HVO-100 we can avoid up to 90% of Co₂ emissions.
  • No extra charge. Sustainability should not be a premium option.
13 Models Reisebus cDr.Richard M.Scheer

Premium Class

Whether for “on the road” events or special excursions, our Premium Class is the first choice for luxury travel. It’s pure comfort and service. We’ll pamper you with the finest drinks and snacks. Luxury seating offers extra space for entertaining or sleeping, so you arrive well-rested and in style. 

dr richard ludwig zitat

Passengers on our buses should feel completely at ease. We’re prepared for all your wishes, big or small.

Dr. Ludwig Richard

That is what our passengers say:


Up to 90% less CO2
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